Terms and conditions of 1st edition of Nano Film Festival

1 (Festival)

  1. 1st Nano Film Festival, hereinafter referred to as the “Festival”, is of international character and is a competitive review of short forms of feature filmmaking.
  2. The 1st edition of the Festival will be held on 21-23 October 2022 at Kino Kijów in Krakow.
  3. The aim of the Festival is to promote Polish and foreign film art and its social and educational role both among the creators and its recipients with narrowing down the festival formula to short feature films.

2 (Organisers) 

  1. The organiser of the Festival is the Film & Art Foundation, the partner’s are: Agencja Artystyczna CDN and the company Rosco Polska Sp. z o.o. The Festival Director and the Festival Artistic Director are responsible for the preparation and course of the Festival.

3 (Programme)

The programme of the Festival shall comprise:

  • short feature film competition, hereinafter referred to as “the Competition”
  • non-competition screenings
  • meetings with filmmakers
  • other accompanying and special events, including a film music concert, film music workshops

4 (Competition)

  1. Feature films that meet the following criteria are eligible for the Competition:
  • the duration of the film must not exceed 30 minutes;
  • films must been produced from 2020;
  • the films cannot be authored by members of the jury;
  1. Films may be submitted for the Festival by natural or legal persons, hereinafter referred to as ‘Applicants’, who have the right to dispose of the submitted film.
  2. Each Entrant may submit any number of films to the Competition, but each film must be submitted separately and must constitute a separate file.
  3. Submission of a film is free of charge. Costs related to sending the entry form and the medium with the film are covered by the Entrant.
  4. The list of films selected for the Competition will be announced on the Festival’s website www.nanofilmfestival.com by 5th of October 2022.
  5. If a film qualifies for the Competition it is obligatory for 2-person representation of the film to come to the Kijów Cinema in Krakow for the duration of competition screenings and the official festival closing gala.

5 (Film Entry Form)

  1. To enter a film to participate in the Festival, it is necessary to fill in the FILM ENTRY FORM, which is available on the Festival’s website: nanofilmfestival.com
  2. FILM APPLICATION FORM must be completed and sent via the Festival’s website by the deadline of October 3th 2022 (the date on which the form is received by the Organizer’s e-mail box is decisive). Films submitted after the deadline will not be admitted to the Competition.
  3. The applicant is fully responsible for the accuracy of the data entered in the FILM REGISTRATION FORM.

6 (Entry rules)

  1. The Entrant is obliged to provide a selection copy of the film by one of the following means:
  • providing a hyperlink (a link to download the file/ Vimeo link), secured with a password, by filling in the appropriate fields in the FILM REGISTRATION FORM;
  • sending the medium with the film in MP4 format.

The medium with the film in MP4 format must be sent by no later than 30 September 2022 (date of receipt) to the address of the Festival Office: Fundacja Film & Art Ul. Zbaraska 3, 30-389 Krakow with the note “Nano Film Festival”. Films submitted after the deadline will not be admitted to the Competition.

  1. The hyperlink (the link to download the file) should be available until the announcement of the results of the competition qualification.
  2. The carrier with the film should have a legible description containing: film title, name of the author, duration, aspect ratio.
  3. The Organiser is not responsible for film carriers delayed or lost due to independent reasons.
  4. The organiser will not return materials or media received for selection purposes. All submitted materials will become part of the festival archive.
  5. Films produced in a language other than Polish must have English subtitles.
  6. Screening copies of the films which have qualified for the Competition must be delivered by 10th of October 2022 to the address of the Festival office – Film&Art Foundation, 3 Zbaraska Street, 30-389 Krakow. The projection copies can be sent on the following media: DVD, pendrive.

7 (Consent/Copyright)

  1. The person submitting the film or the filmmaker declares that he or she is the owner or acts on behalf of and with the consent of the owner of the copyright of the submitted title and accepts all disputes arising therefrom, releasing the Festival Organiser mentioned in point 1 §2 from legal liability.
  2. The copyrights of the film submitted for the Festival may not be restricted in any way or infringe the copyrights and personal rights of third parties.
  3. The Entrant agrees that the submitted film may be screened during the Festival.
  4. The Entrant declares that they will not raise any claims to remuneration for the public broadcast of the submitted film during the Festival.
  5. The Festival has the right to use parts of the film selected for the Competition and stills from the film for promotional purposes.
  6. The Festival has the right to place information about a selected film on the Festival’s website, Facebook and in all other promotional publications, including the catalogue, programme, press releases.
  7. The Festival reserves the right to use promotional materials before, during and after the Festival.
  8. The Festival reserves the right to organise screenings of the winning films at partner festivals.
  9. Submission of a film to the Festival means acceptance of these Regulations.
  10. Entry of a film to the Festival shall be tantamount to its consent to the processing by the Festival of its personal data for selection and marketing purposes. /The processing of personal data is governed by the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997. Journal of Laws. No. 133 pos. 833 with later changes.

8 (Jury)

1. The films are qualified for the Competition by the Festival Artistic Director.
2. The Festival Artistic Director appoints the Jury of the Competition.
3. The Jury of the Competition awards statutory prizes in the Competition.
4. The decisions of the Competition Jury are final and indisputable, and cannot be appealed.

9 (Prizes)

1. The following Competition prizes are established:
Main Award in the amount of 5.000,00 PLN and statuette for the director of the awarded film;
Silver Award in the amount of 3.000,00 PLN and statuette to the director of the awarded film;
Bronze Award in the amount of 2.000,00 PLN and statuette to the director of the awarded film;
Acting Award in the amount of 2.000,00 PLN and statuette for the best actor/actress;
Photo Award in the amount of 2.000,00 PLN and statuette for the author of the best cinematography in the film;
Music Award in the amount of 2.000,00 PLN and statuette for the author of the best original music for the film.
The Audience Award in the form of a statuette for the director of the awarded film

Statutory prizes will be paid by the Festival within 30 days from the closing date of the Festival, based on the verdict of the Competition Jury. The prizewinners are obliged to provide the data necessary for the payment of the award. In accordance with the Personal Income Tax Act, the Festival shall deduct and remit to the designated Tax Office the lump-sum income tax in the appropriate amount.
2. Considering the thematic and genre diversity of the competition films, the Jury of the Festival, in agreement with the Festival’s Artistic Director, may award Special Prizes and Distinctions.
3. It is stipulated that the Competition Jury may decide not to award statutory prizes referred to in point 1 §9. 4.
4. There will be an Audience Award granted to a film selected by poll of Festival audiences (according to the Rules of the Audience Award).
5. The Festival Directors have the right to establish other prizes outside the regulations, funded by private persons, institutions and organisations.

10 (Final Provisions)

1. These Regulations shall enter into force on the date of their publication on the official website of the Festival www.nanofilmfestival.com/regulamin.
2. Regulations may be subject to changes, which are valid from the time of their publication on the official website of the Festival www.nanofilmfestival.com/regulamin
3. The organizer reserves the right to suspend, discontinue, extend or cancel the festival without giving reasons.
4. In matters not covered by these Regulations, concerning the Festival and Competition, the decision is made by the Directorate of the Festival.